The purpose of this in-company program is to support the transformation of the organization towards an agile and innovative company within 38 weeks.

By the end of the program the organization will have:  

  • Understood the four dimensions, eight factors of agile business innovation
  • Explored the agility and innovation priorities in their organization
  • Learned how to apply them to their own organization through a tried and tested 8 step process
  • Executed all the steps necessary to transform the organization into an agile and innovative business
  • Made an action plan to cascade the understanding of agility and innovation

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The program is given in-company on location.
The program is in English, with the possibility of different translations.
The duration of the program is 38 weeks and includes 50 consultancy days.


This is an in-company program. Please plan your intake date using Calendly when you are interested!

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