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Agile Business Innovation

The art and science of Agility

Agile Business Innovation

We believe traditional businesses will not create the solutions needed to solve bigger issues we have today. We need agile business innovation to accelerate. Agility is the ability of a business to take effective action in complex and rapidly changing markets. It is a consequence of developing agile structures, innovative cultures and inspiring leadership teams.

We have taught leaders, coaches and consultants the art and science of agile business innovation for over 30 years. We have consulted with multinationals, family business and start-ups all over the world. We have given workshops on our agility and innovation model since 2012.

This has given us a solid foundation of theory, experience and methods. Our promise is to help you create an agile and innovative business in 38 weeks.

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Our Approach

Agile business innovation design is not a destination, but a constantly evolving journey. The destination is a business that constantly reinvents itself both in terms of leadership, products, services and customer relations. Over a period of 15 years we have developed a tried and tested method to create an agile and innovative business. In 38 weeks we take you through a ten step step process to increase your response-ability, transform-ability, sense-ability and team-ability.

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Response-ability: Looping and Learning

Response-ability is the ability to anticipate the future. Looping is the ability to engage, explore and exploit customer data and narrative. Learning is the ability to create meaning out of this customer data to enhance responsiveness to future customer needs. The result is narrative profiling.


Transform-ability: Innovation & Exploitation

Sustaining a culture of innovation requires a seamless integration of innovation and exploitation, of R&D and commercial functions. Transform-ability is the ability to take the data from narrative profiling to build a new and lucrative product or service eco-system. Innovation is the ability to create disruptive assets. Exploitation is the ability to monetize them. The result is a stream of viable products and services, which the customer is willing to pay for.


Sense-ability: Purpose & Positioning

In a complex and volatile environment the danger is that people lose a sense of the whole and forget why their unique contribution is so important to create interdisciplinary innovation. Sense-ability gives you the why in the form of a redefined purpose and the how, in the form of a congruent and aligned structure. The result is purposeful agility.


Team-ability: Prioritisation & Partnerisation

Team-ability is the ability to move from an individual to a team mind set, and from a “proudly invented here” to a partnership mindset. Prioritization requires setting a small number of product and business innovation priorities every six months for which the whole leadership team is responsible. Partnership requires creating communities of cooperation internally and externally. The result is leadership team focus.


The difference 35 years of business innovation experience makes

Our programs are based on theory and proven in practice. We are pragmatic, innovative, partnering and experts in the field of creating agile and innovative organisations.

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Open to Leaders and Professionals

Introduction Agile Business Innovation

Introduction Agile Business Innovation

This open one day workshop will take you through the 4 dimensions, 8 factors of the agile business innovation change process. By the end you will have a development plan for your business.

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In-Company Program

Mastering Agility and Innovation

Mastering Agility and Innovation

In this in-company program we teach the leadership team to transform their business in 38 weeks, going through a validated and structured 10 step process.

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See what people say about Agile Business Innovation Design.

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We had launched so many new brands and tastes our clients couldn’t keep up. Teamagility.com helped us set up a clear innovation road map and create the agile business structure to support it.

Joris Huijsmans, MD Heineken Hungaria

We are in a fast moving financial market, but we weren’t moving together as a team. Teamagility.com led us through a series of intensive personal and professional development workshops to help us contract, communicate and manage the consequences of our decisions together, and create an inspiring cooperative team.

Isaac Torres, CEO Intercambio

We were starting our journey from being a Hungarian start up to creating a global brand. The three of us were proud of the success of our product, but didn’t know how to lead a large organization. Teamagility helped me to redefine my purpose and the purpose of the company to be the microsoft of interactive storytelling.

Peter Arvai, CEO Prezi

We are a family business, specialised in state of the art agricultural machinery. Over time we had lost contact with our original clients, and their needs. Teamagility.com helped us reconnect with our customers, by setting up anticipation panels, and customer evaluation days. It stimulated us to think more broadly about the solutions we offer, to lifetime farming programs.

Caroline Hoeltermann, LD Claas


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Sari van Poelje

Sari van Poelje

MD Agile Business Innovation

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