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Jobs to be done – video training


In this video I take you through an example with a client of uncovering the jobs to be done. We talked about using the Pains, Gains and Jobs to be done model in an earlier article.


The jobs they need done are very specific and very pragmatic.

Chris, if I can use you as an example? You have a wonderful hairdressing business.

One of the things you keep asking is, “Who is my client?”

You client is usually a woman, 30 to 40 years old, she’s of this social economic class. Her worries are that she doesn’t look good because she’s become a mother, she works, she’s harassed all the time and she has to juggle her jobs.

So the more you know about your client you’re thinking okay what’s the job to be done here? Well I want to look good while I’m doing all these things but I don’t have any time.

As a fantasy. We’re creating stories here about our clients, the more you can create a story about your client the more you’ll be able to innovate your products. That’s the idea.

So you’re thinking about that scene and the next step is going to be how can you leverage your assets?

So, Chris might be saying, “Oh wow, this is my client at the moment and they have to come to the shop to do this through that traffic. Now that’s not really gonna help them look good, feel
less harassed and juggle rolls.”

But what could do that, is how about if we start a service that we get high-end clients and we go to their homes to do it. Now there I’m working to purpose and I’m actually solving for my customer a job to be done.

Do you understand the thinking? It’s quite different from what people usually do, they go okay what can I do, that’s what I’m gonna put out there.

We’re thinking differently. I would encourage you to do when you get home is create a customer avatar. Cut out pictures out of magazines and stuff and make a mosaic of everything you know about your customer. That’s the first step.

Published On: January 7th, 2019By Categories: Videos


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