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We work with a hand-picked team of international consultants and coaches who are licensed in agile business innovation and have been business leaders themselves.

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Sari van Poelje

Founding partner

Sari van Poelje.

Drs Sari van Poelje is an international team coach and expert on agility and innovation. Sari has been the director of Intact Academy since 1992, training coaches and consultants all over the world. She works as a consultant in Agile Business Innovation with multinationals, family businesses and startups to help them innovate their business more quickly than their products, so that they can accelerate their time to market. Sari has 35 years’ experience of coaching and consulting with managers and directors and has been a director in various multinationals for 23 years.

She is a licensed teaching and supervising transactional analyst, PCM trainer, NOBCO-EMCC accredited master coach, master systemic team coach. She has published numerous articles and books on leadership, coaching and organizational change.


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Our Philosophy

We have consulted with Fortune 500 companies in Europe, USA, Asia and South America. We have taught other coaches and consultants in the art and science of agile, executive and team coaching for over 30 years, all over the world.

We believe traditional ways of organising and leading will not support the innovation needed to solve the bigger issues businesses have to deal with today. We are passionate about helping people develop their practice, and teaching others to do that too.

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