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Uncover your customer’s dreams

I had been offering coach training for 25 years before I finally decided to ask my alumni why they came to me. I was facing a decision to invest in certification and wanted to know if it would make a difference. I found that my customers could easily get traditional training elsewhere. What made them come to me was:

  • Personal transformation
  • Easy to use tools and methods
  • Simple explanations for complex issues
  • Become a kick ass coach
  • Get paid more for their services

Most companies do not examine which features are important to the customer. They fail to uncover their needs and desires. As part of finding your dream customer you need to learn how to anticipate your customer’s needs. Remember, there is no average customer. They have different needs, differing abilities to pay, different valuations of features. The question is not what can you offer an average customer, but what customer would you like to work for?

“The question is not what can you offer an average customer, but what special service can you offer your dream customer?”

Radical Agile Transformation Exercise

Uncover your customer’s dreams to uncover your dream customer – with great thanks to Daniel Priestley.

Step one: Understand who your customer is at the moment.

  • What traits characterize them?
  • What are their top 3 challenges or frustrations?
  • What are their secret fears?

Step two: Recognize the gaps between what you are offering and current customer needs:

  • How is the current customer profile changing?
  • What products and services do you offer to meet emerging customer needs?
  • What are the top 3 benefits you offer above your competitors?

Step three: Hold up the mirror. Ask yourself:

  • Which customers do I like?
  • Which customers do I understand and know?
  • Which customers can afford me?

It is at the intersection of desire and direction where you will find your dream customer.

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Published On: March 22nd, 2018By Categories: Article


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